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ASEAN's Next Generation Leaders – Indonesia

Game developer, techie, royalty. Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu defies the conventional expectations of a Princess. Breaking gender and hierarchial stereotypes in her wake, follow her unorthodox journey as she builds on her family's legacy in one of the world's oldest Kingdoms - Yogyakarta.

Produced in collaboration with Channel NewsAsia and Hoods Inc. Productions, ASEAN's Next Generation Leaders - Indonesia was part of a 10-episode series broadcasted on Channel NewsAsia and Channel NewsAsia International.

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Executive Producer: Susan Ferroa
Supervising Producers: Esan Sivalingam and Bratina Tay
Director/Producer: Andre He
Researcher: Stefanus Ian
Director of Photography: Yap Shi Rong
Sound Operator: Jeremy Ho Levelling the playing field

Feature content marketing story for ANZ Bank on, an organisation focused on empowering and spotlighting the para athletes in Singapore. The article was written ahead of the regional 2015 ASEAN Para Games.



Client: Contently, ANZ Bank
Content Writer & Photographer: Stefanus Ian