SEA Games 2017 Athletes Feature

For the 2017 SEA Games, we collaborated with Yahoo Singapore on a series featuring athletes representing Singapore in various sports. To reach out to younger audiences, we planned the videos in a mobile-friendly square format, standardised a five-second bumper to hook audiences on social media, and created a unified branding for the series.


Client: Yahoo Singapore
Series Producer: Jeremy Ho
Video Producers and Editors: Amirah Haris, Cheah Wenqi, Stefanus Ian, Matilda Chia, Jeremy Ho


Basketball (Lavin Raj, Leon Kwek)

Ice Hockey (Liu Zhi Yang, Gabriel Lau)

Synchronised Swimming (Debbie Soh, Miya Yong)

Marathon (Soh Rui Yong)

Swimming (Roanne Ho)

Netball (Aquilah Andin, Charmaine Soh)

Water Skiing (Sasha Christian)

Diving (Timothy Lee, Mark Lee)

Speed Skating (Lucas Ng)

Sprinting (Shanti Pereira)

Fencing (Ann Lee, Samson Lee)

Silat (Shakir Junda)