Running On Empty: UK Shyam

“I think track and field took me away from going home, because at home there was generally always nobody there and it was a reminder that I came from a broken family.”
— UK Shyam

Running on Empty by Kenneth Khoo, is a book on UK Shyam, the current national 100m record holder in Singapore, and his struggles in the athletics scene in Singapore.

To promote the book, Run & Gun Media in partnership with Ethos Books first produced a trailer, then a documentary, that details Shyam’s sporting journey that led to his record. In the video, we also talk to two people that came into Shyam’s life when he needed it: C Kunalan and Ang Peng Siong.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation to support underprivileged youth athletes.

Credits (Trailer)

Co-produced with: Ethos Books
Directed, Shot, and Edited by: Jeremy Ho
Camera Assistant: Matilda Chia
Voiceover Artist: Shivram Gopinath

Credits (Documentary)

Co-produced with: Ethos Books
Directed, Shot, and Edited by: Jeremy Ho
Camera Assistant: Lee Yu En
Transcribers: Adora Tan, Carissa Lim, Tan Hui Lin, Vanessa Tan



Ethos Books Website

Before It All Goes

In conjunction with Darren Soh's solo exhibition at Objectifs about the disappearance of our post-independence architecture, Run & Gun Media co-produced a 20-minute documentary to go deeper into the tensions behind these buildings' gradual disappearances, beyond Darren Soh's photos and captions. We talk to residents of a Tanglin Halt HDB flat, a homeowner of Pearl Bank Apartments condominium, and commercial tenants of Golden Mile Tower.


Produced by: Darren Soh, Run & Gun Media
Director: Jeremy Ho
Assistant Camera: Amirah Haris, Lee Yu En, Stefanus Ian
Drone Operator: Wei Xiang Lim
Architecture Photos: Darren Soh
Additional Timelapse Photography: Yeo Wee Han
Editors: Amirah Haris, Jeremy Ho
Timelapse Post Processing: Tripeaks Imagery
Transcription: Lee Yu En, Goh Jia Ling, Adora Tan, Tan Heng Ning

Lululemon Ambassadors


Client: Lululemon
Photographer: Stefanus Ian

Stefanus has been working with Lululemon Singapore since 2017, shooting pictures for the various Lululemon Singapore ambassadors. His pictures are used for collaterals and also printed and mounted at all of the Lululemon stores around Singapore.

Wacky Hobbies《玩物壮志》: Pro Wrestling 职业摔角联盟

By day, they are engineers, journalists and students. But when night falls, they emerge as fighters in the ring. Pro wrestling has long dominated the television screens of Singaporeans as an entertainment staple, but the sport only arrived on our shores in 2011 with the birth of Singapore Pro Wrestling Federation. In Wacky Hobbies 《玩物壮志》, we take a look at several wrestling fanatics who have channelled their dreams into reality.


Client: Channel 8 News Morning Express (8频道新闻晨光第一线)
Series Producer: Andre He
Director: Lee Yu En
Director of Photography: Amirah Haris
Editor: Lee Yu En

Reinventing Old Trades《旧是不一样》: Second-hand Furniture 旧货商

While most old furniture pieces get sent to the junkyard, Hock Siong & Co. refurbishes and repurposes these second-hand goods, transforming them into an eclectic collection of furniture. In this episode of Reinventing Old Trades《旧是不一样》, we see how one second-generation business owner builds on the roots of her father to breathe new life into the Karang Guni trade.


Client: Channel 8 News Morning Express (8频道新闻晨光第一线)
Series Producer: Andre He
Director: Eileen Chew
Director of Photography: Amirah Haris
Camera Assistant: Stefanus Ian
Editor: Eileen Chew